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Get a blueprint for success, curated and customized by our team

We offer practical playbooks, templates and training from event professionals in an organized and thoughtful way that frees up hours of the event planners time.

Event audit

All our consultation services begin with an audit. We will review current event processes and systems, while evaluating for efficiencies and scale. Then, we will quickly make recommendations on next steps and potential improvements.


Event playbooks


New playbook and templates

After evaluating your current event processes, during the event audit, we use our learnings to create a playbook for your company that encompasses the 5 stages of the event planning & execution process: Scoping, Promoting, Event Preparation, Onsite, and Post-Event. This playbook includes event planning templates creating team efficiencies.


Review existing playbooks

We will review your current training documents, operations manuals, and event templates, and update them with best practices based on your brand and goals. We will review the updated guide with your team and train them for event consistency and scale. We are available for ongoing check ins to evaluate if the playbook needs updating or the size and scope of the company or projects change and need a new assessment.

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